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Creating Keepsake Crafts
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Finding Inspiration
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Imagi- & Determi- nation

Imagi- & Determi- nation
I didn't fail 100 times to make that flower, but found 100 ways how not to make that flower

Bunny for a Bunny Boy

Thursday, September 22, 2011

For my nephew who will be born in the year of the rabbit:-

Started with a scary alien-like fetus:


added stumpy legs to hold the body up:


A bushy tail to support it from the back, and coz it's just so cute:

Two cute floppy ears and long arms:

Looking a bit sad with the threads dangling: 

embroidered nose, hid all the threads inside the body, and it's a....BUNNY! (that turned out looking a bit like a puppy)

I discovered how NOT to make....

Thursday, March 10, 2011

Craftsters often post pretty successful pictures of their creation. I'm sure that not all their ventures turn out the way they intended. Why not share some of the creations that did not turn out as well...after all, failure is the pathway to great inventions.

So here are my beautiful failures...

Realised that I can't 'singe' the sides of light colour fabric. It doesn't have the  shadow effect like on dark colour cloths. Just makes it look dirty. And it could have done with more layers of petals.

Wanted to make a gigantic flower from organza fabric, but the material is too flimsy for such big pieces to stand firm.
Pretty, but not eye-catching enough by itself.

Craft Supply, Offline Shop

Monday, March 7, 2011

I bought craft supplies from, of all places, Daiso @Sunway Pyramid.

Everything in Daiso is only RM5 each, and I picked up a nifty fabric scissors and a huge piece of felt.
I remember buying felt from the Art Shop @ The Gardens, an A4 piece for more than RM5. This 25x25 inch white piece of felt from Daiso will allow me to make many many many items.

We also stumbled upon the Offline Shop, a collection of items from different online shops sold here. Popular online stores from Etsy, Facebook and Blogs are featured here.

Xearthed took an immediate liking to the Individium T-shirts, a parody of the periodic table if you will. It presents personalities in the form of elements. Let me further explain - in the real periodic table C is Carbon, but in the Individium table, AH is for Always Hungry (Xearthed said I should get this as it suits me...I am alway hungry).

It's a clever idea, to have an 'offline' shop for online shops. I hope one day I'll garner enough sales for my accessories to have a spot in there.

Floral Wedding Headband, Fabric Flowers

Sunday, March 6, 2011

I bought satin cloth of the most gorgeous aquamarine and warm sunshine colour, and fine organza in the prettiest light pink and golden yellow.

I'm experimenting with making fabric flower from scratch, 100% handsewn, no glue used.

I even cut out each petal piece by hand.

After several less than satisfactory attempts, I figured out the best petal shape and best way to sew for the different sizes.

Long story short, here's finally an outcome that I'm satisfied with.

Whimsy Floral Wedding Headband
It consists of one big satin flower in the middle, flanked by two smaller ones, and finished on the sides with organza flowers.

Because it's cut by hand and handsewn, the flowers are slightly frayed...but I feel this gives it character.

Mounted on a thin wire that can be concealed by the hair.

Handsewn onto felt, and further mounted on the wire by sewing another piece of felt to the back.

It's perfect for a garden wedding in spring.

PS: It may look like a Hawaiian themed piece, but it's really just because the model (me) is a tanned oriental. It'll have a different aura about it on a fair skinned, non-chinese person.

First Item for my Little Fashionista Line

Wednesday, March 2, 2011

Hot Pink Bracelet made from recycled T-Shirt material

I've always liked the idea of transforming something old into something beautiful.

Some articles say it's good to show the process of making the items, so that viewers know for sure that it's handmade. Well, I can tell you, it's handmade alright. I pricked my finger rather badly making this.

So here's a T-shirt that no one would wear. 
Who wants to wear a bright pink 'Bandung Special' T-shirt out in public? 
(I got this from a T-shirt supplier that I eventually didn't make any orders from. Hope he never stumbles onto this blog). 

It's so ugly that I'm doing it a favour cutting it up.

Start sewing! The colour even matches the table mat!

Waste not, want not.

The arm band transformed into a wrist band,

Cute, bright, eye-catching.

I need a young girl to model this. My niece would never sit still for me to take her photo.


I know I took a picture of myself making this. Where is it?


Ah! To prove that it was I who made it.


Oh yes. I wear that hairband to push my hair back. I sometimes forget that they are Shrek ears. It's a good thing no one came calling on me.

My Etsy Page

Tuesday, March 1, 2011

I've been experimenting with different ways of taking photos and different tags to use (thanks to Team Etsy Malaysia for their tips).

I've just reworked half the photos in my Etsy account, and I think the page looks better now. It has a more consistent look. 

I'm still looking to see how to improve it...practice makes perfect!

Esmeralda Ribbon Flower

Love love love how this flower turned out.

I've always wanted to emulate Esmeralda's hair after watching Disney's Hunchback of Notredame. All the tumbling of dark, thick, gypsy hair.



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