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Creating Keepsake Crafts
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Imagi- & Determi- nation
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Wednesday, March 2, 2011

Hot Pink Bracelet made from recycled T-Shirt material

I've always liked the idea of transforming something old into something beautiful.

Some articles say it's good to show the process of making the items, so that viewers know for sure that it's handmade. Well, I can tell you, it's handmade alright. I pricked my finger rather badly making this.

So here's a T-shirt that no one would wear. 
Who wants to wear a bright pink 'Bandung Special' T-shirt out in public? 
(I got this from a T-shirt supplier that I eventually didn't make any orders from. Hope he never stumbles onto this blog). 

It's so ugly that I'm doing it a favour cutting it up.

Start sewing! The colour even matches the table mat!

Waste not, want not.

The arm band transformed into a wrist band,

Cute, bright, eye-catching.

I need a young girl to model this. My niece would never sit still for me to take her photo.


I know I took a picture of myself making this. Where is it?


Ah! To prove that it was I who made it.


Oh yes. I wear that hairband to push my hair back. I sometimes forget that they are Shrek ears. It's a good thing no one came calling on me.


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