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Creating Keepsake Crafts
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Imagi- & Determi- nation
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Floral Wedding Headband, Fabric Flowers

Sunday, March 6, 2011

I bought satin cloth of the most gorgeous aquamarine and warm sunshine colour, and fine organza in the prettiest light pink and golden yellow.

I'm experimenting with making fabric flower from scratch, 100% handsewn, no glue used.

I even cut out each petal piece by hand.

After several less than satisfactory attempts, I figured out the best petal shape and best way to sew for the different sizes.

Long story short, here's finally an outcome that I'm satisfied with.

Whimsy Floral Wedding Headband
It consists of one big satin flower in the middle, flanked by two smaller ones, and finished on the sides with organza flowers.

Because it's cut by hand and handsewn, the flowers are slightly frayed...but I feel this gives it character.

Mounted on a thin wire that can be concealed by the hair.

Handsewn onto felt, and further mounted on the wire by sewing another piece of felt to the back.

It's perfect for a garden wedding in spring.

PS: It may look like a Hawaiian themed piece, but it's really just because the model (me) is a tanned oriental. It'll have a different aura about it on a fair skinned, non-chinese person.


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